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Welcome to the Next Generation
of Net/X™ Thermostat Management.

With NetX-Web™ you can access your Net/X thermostats from any web browser.

The powerful features of NetX-Web includes the same award-winning controls that's included in our free PC-based Net/X Command Center software, but there are substantial additional features that will make your connection and control of your Net/X thermostats even more powerful.

The Power of NetX-Web Management & Controls

  • 24x7 Access from Any Browser

  • Automated Import Tool for Existing Net/X Projects

  • Powerful Point-n-Click Thermostat Control

  • Intuitive Drag-n-Drop Scheduling

  • Real-Time Data Logging of All Net/X Thermostats

  • Email Alerting to Multiple Addresses

  • SMS Text Alerting to Multiple Phone Numbers

  • Monthly Reporting and Statistics

  • Dynamic Color Graphing

  • Mobile Device Access and Control

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NetX-Web supports your installation whether you're starting with a new Net/X thermsotat system or have been a customer for 15 years.

There's a simple import tool for your existing project(s). The only requirement is that you're currently running the most recent version of the Net/X Command Center software.

NetX-Web Works with Both
Wired & Wireless Net/X Systems


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